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We are the volleyball players of DJK Mannheim-Vogelstang. A group of funny young (or staid young) people, 25 up to 45 years old. "Boys and girls" of course! As a mixed leisure team we have some success. But this is not the only thing that counts. For us it is more important that we make things together. What we experienced can you read in our chronicle (it's written in german).

Here our every year events:

- In earlier times in spring season we went to Ettenheim and also invited other teams of DJK Mannheim.
    Unfortunately the accommodation was closed and we have to search for an alternative.
- Every year in May there is the tournament of DJK Mannheim e.V. at Vogelstang. We organise the food for 12 teams and play with one or sometimes two teams.
- At the end of a year we have our traditional 'noodle evening' with spaghetti and tomato sauce.
- And finally there is the DJK Mannheim e.V. Championship from September until May.

Of course we also want to show off a little bit with our results. Here our biggest ones of the last time:

2011 Wolfgang-Frank-Memory Tournament of DJK Heilbronn: Winner
2011 DJK mixed Championship of DJK Mannheim e.V. 2010/11: Winner
2011 DJK mixed Championship of DJK Mannheim e.V. 2011/12: Second Place

Training hours:

Wednesday, 1800 until 1930 in the Heinrich-Lanz-Schule in Mannheim-Vogelstang (Dresdener Straße)
During holidays the sport halls are closed. During summer time we play beach volleyball on Fridays from 1800 on the DJK Sports Area in Neuhermsheim (Lochgärtenweg, 68163 Mannheim).

If you want to get in contact with us:

(automatic call of e-mail application is deactivated because of too much spam mails, sorry)